ELC Digest

Sohaib Sandhu (Editor)

The ‘ELC Digest‘ was a magazine produced by the ELC under the guidance of Dr. Waleed Al-Amri, and managed and edited by Dr. Fauzia Shamim from 2011 onwards for approximately 2 years. It contained selected ELT information (articles, websites etc.) as well as news about conferences, new books/articles etc.

There were numerous topics that were no doubt of interest and beneficial, many of which related to the Middle Eastern context.

Rather than let this valuable resource ‘gather dust’ and disappear in the ‘vast canyon of lost knowledge’, we have decided to share the magazines with our colleagues.

We have for this week uploaded two of the first editions which cover topics such as:

  • To use or not to use L1 in the classroom
  • An Action Research Toolkit
  • An article on how to improve teaching through action research
  • Book Reviews
  • Ten tips for classroom management, and much more.

It’s possible that some of the links do not work as they are old. We will try to rectify this problem. In the meantime, enjoy the read.

We have dedicated a separate page for the ELC Digest so you can refer to this any time you like.

Here’s the link:




Free resource of references and bibliographies – fast forward your research career!

Sohaib Sandhu (Editor)


If you are thinking about doing some research or are looking for a topic for your MA or potential PhD it’s essential that you start reading. However, quite often, we may not know where to begin.

The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF) has an excellent resource of references categorised by topic. To take a look at it, go to:


You will literally find lists of research articles categorised by a vast array of topics. Reading these will quickly bring you up to standard on a particular area. This is a treasure trove. Don’t miss this great opportunity to springboard your research career.

The TIRF also provides research funding and is particularly interested in researchers from the Middle East. If you are interested in finding out more, go to:


To subscribe to their monthly newsletter, go to:


Happy researching!!