First PLC meetings held across ELC campuses

The ELCs Professional Learning Communities (PLC) project recommenced after the summer break with many satellite campuses joining in for the first time. Colleagues from our campuses at Madinah, Yanbu, Al-Ula and Badr  successfully had their fist meetings.

PLCs were adopted last year as a method whereby colleagues could find a secure space to share their knowledge and teaching ideas.

A survey carried out at the end of last year indicated that PLCs were successful overall. However, there is still much to do. This year we have launched our PD Blog, a place for colleagues to share their vast knowledge with other colleagues and the wider world. In that sense, we are encouraging colleagues to contribute something to the blog.  Please also don’t forget to subscribe to receive blog posts directly by following the blog.

Jihad Alhassan from the Al-Ula campus shared some photos of their first PLC meeting.